Welcome to London Scholars

Why London Scholars?

The Northeastern University London Scholars program offers first-year students a rigorous academic environment in one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world. Northeastern University London’s unique global position will allow you and your peers to amplify your university experience by living, studying, and growing in London during your first year of college. London will be your gateway to Europe; Northeastern will be your gateway to the world. 

Students will spend their first year in London before transitioning to Northeastern’s Boston campus for the remainder of their U.S. Bachelor’s degree. Students who choose to enter as Northeastern University London Scholars will take courses that align with Northeastern’s first-year curriculum. In addition to fulfilling major requirements, London Scholars courses count toward NUpath, Northeastern’s general education requirement.

Northeastern University London is situated in Devon House at St Katharine Docks, a vibrant and dynamic quarter in central London. Located just a short walk from some of the UK’s most recognizable and iconic sites, including the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, St Katharine Docks is steeped in the history of London and the River Thames upon which the city was founded.  

London Scholars Program Academics

Courses taken with the London Scholars Program align with the first-year freshman curriculum taught at Northeastern and integrate cultural learning opportunities. In addition to fulfilling major requirements, London Scholars courses also count toward NUpath, our institution-wide general education requirements for students in all majors.

As a student at Northeastern University London, you can take courses across the Northeastern academic colleges, earning a full academic year’s worth of credit. You may be able to select alternate courses if you receive advanced credits from AP, IB, or other international examinations. Please note that not all first-year courses at Northeastern will be offered at your location. Because all degree plans are unique, please keep in mind that your individual plan may be different than other Northeastern students and that a four-year graduation is not guaranteed.

Students will make their initial course selections in early June. Students will have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor to review course registration and confirm fall classes in June and July. You will receive your actual class schedule when you arrive on location. If you have or anticipate having a passing score on an Advanced Placement (AP) exam, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, or other college-level transferable courses, you must report this during the London Scholars registration process, both in your Application Status Check and when you meet with an academic advisor.

A semester at Northeastern University London presents a unique academic environment. For students admitted to London Scholars Scholars for fall 2024, please refer to the London Scholars webinar slides regarding the differing expectations in preparation for your fall semester.

London Scholars Program Curriculum: Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 Curriculum
The curriculum linked here is reflective of a representative curriculum. All courses are subject to change.

2024 – 2025 Key Dates/Calendar
London Scholars (Fall 2024)Dates
London Scholars Arrival and Visa ChecksSaturday, August 31
London Scholars Welcome WeekSaturday, August 31 – Sunday, September 8
Classes StartMonday, September 9
Autumn/Thanksgiving BreakMonday, November 25 – Friday, November 29
Classes ResumeMonday, December 2
Last Day of ClassFriday, December 13
London Scholars (Spring 2025)Dates
Classes StartMonday, January 13
Easter BreakMonday, April 14 – Friday, April 25
Classes ResumeMonday, April 28
Last day of Programs/ClassesFriday, May 2
London Scholars Group Flight Departure/Move OutSaturday, May 3
Pre-Departure Orientation: Summer 2024

To assist you in preparing for your first year, the London Scholars Program will include a Pre-Departure Orientation this summer. The London Scholars Pre-Departure Orientation will be offered as a series of mandatory online learning modules and an optional one-day in-person experience on Northeastern’s main campus in Boston. There will also be additional virtual engagement opportunities throughout the summer leading up to your departure, including a required site-specific webinar in either late July or early August, with specifics to come. The Pre-Orientation Departure portal is now live in students’ Application Status Check.

We will be sending more information about Pre-Departure Orientation in the coming months. Please keep an eye on this webpage and your Northeastern email for new updates.

London Scholars Pre-Departure Orientation Offerings 2024:

  • Online learning modules – REQUIRED – released in early July on your Application Status Check
  • London Scholars Pre-Departure Orientation: Campus Day in Boston, MA – OPTIONAL – July 10 or 12, 2024
    • Registration will be available late spring on your Application Status Check
    • Registration will be available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • London Scholars Program-Specific Webinar – REQUIRED – Late July/Early August (dates TBA)
  • All students will also be required to attend on-site welcome week orientation upon arrival in London this fall 2024.
  • Post London Scholars Program: Husky 101 Student and Family Orientation will be hosted on Northeastern’s Boston Campus in September 2025. Learn more at Office of Student Orientation and Family Programs.

On-location Orientation

All London Scholars students will participate in an on-location orientation, which will help them to become acquainted with England and what to expect throughout their adventure abroad. This orientation will introduce you to your new neighborhood and the services available at Northeastern University London, as well as review academic policies and expectations and build community among your cohort.

2024 Summer Course Information
Summer EligibilityDomestic Student – US Citizens and Permanent Residence HoldersInternational Student – F-1 Visa Holders
London ScholarsSummer 1 (electives with no pre-req) or Summer 2Summer 2

Visas: If you require an F-1 visa to study in the U.S., you will need to apply for an I-20 that allows you to begin your studies in the Summer. More information about Summer Enrollment expectations can be found here: https://international.northeastern.edu/ogs/current-students/understanding-visa-requirements/summer-term/

For more information, please refer to the 2024 Summer Course Information Document here.

Course Registration Timeline

June & July

Review your course selections with your Northeastern University London academic advisor and confirm your fall courses. You should discuss any AP, IB, or other transfer credits you have or anticipate.


Summer advising for London Scholars  fall semester closes. Your courses are finalized and confirmed with Northeastern University London. No course changes can be made until you arrive on site.

August & September

Program launches, and classes begin. Course changes during Northeastern University London’s add/drop period are possible. However, while you can request a change, you are strongly discouraged from doing so. Your courses were carefully reviewed and confirmed with your academic advisor over the summer. Any changes once you arrive on-site may impact your academic progress. Please also keep in mind that requests are not guaranteed. Factors such as capacity, timetabling, and add/drop deadlines may not allow for a change to be made.

October & November

You will have the opportunity to consult with academic advising and plan for spring courses. You can expect to complete spring course selection at this time.

Costs and Payment

For all information regarding London Scholars tuition costs and payment methods for the 2024-2025 academic year, please refer to the Student Financial Services website.

Payment and Withdrawal Policy

The program is required to make advance financial commitments to travel agents, vendors, and the partner institution to secure items such as housing, classroom space, and co-curricular activities. Therefore, should you withdraw from the program at any time after May 1, you will be responsible for the terms provided within the Payment and Withdrawal Policy. You are encouraged to plan carefully and are required to review this policy as soon as possible. In this policy, you will see information on payment terms, schedule of charges, and withdrawal conditions and processes. You can read more about this policy here: 2024-2025 London Scholars Payment and Withdrawal Policy.


For the 2024-2025 academic year, London Scholars will reside across a selection of student accommodation properties. Find out more information here: London Scholars 2024-2025 Housing

For information about the Northeastern London Housing process, including the housing application and important dates, please read through this resource: NU London Housing Dates and Details.

Packing Guide

Click here to download the London Scholars Packing Guide.

Disability Accommodations

2023-2024 Academic Year 

If you require services and accommodations during the 2023-2024 academic year because of a disability, make requests for accommodations directly to the London Student Support Team at disability@nulondon.ac.uk.

Since eligibility for disability accommodations does not automatically transfer from high school to college, it is crucial to begin the process as soon as possible after enrolling.  

Newly Admitted 2024 London Scholars

Please be aware that the Northeastern Disability Resource Center (DRC) also requires documentation for services and accommodations needed during your first-year program at Northeastern University in London. To receive accommodations through the DRC, you must provide appropriate documentation that demonstrates a current substantially limiting disability. You must submit documentation to the DRC even if you have previously supplied documents to The London Scholars Program office. Please review the checklist below and contact the DRC for more information as needed.

Checklist for Students with Disabilities: Preparing for a London Scholars Experience

Phone: 617-373-2675  
Email: DRC@northeastern.edu

A college student looks out toward the Thames River in London and smiles.

Visa Resources

Please check your Application Status Check to obtain any visa guides relevant to your student status and London Scholars entry.

Can I travel during weekends and/or school breaks in the UK or other countries? If not, why? If so, what is your recommendation for support?

Students who are participating in the London Scholars program are able to undertake tourist activities outside of class time. It is very important that students ensure their intended travel does not impact their studies. If a student wishes to travel outside of the UK, it is their responsibility to gain the necessary visas to enter the country that they are traveling to. Northeastern University London is not able to provide advice to students regarding visas for other countries. Many countries have visa information on their governmental websites, and it is important that students access this information to understand the visa requirements for their destination country prior to traveling.

Can I travel to other European countries post-program?

Once students have completed their program in London, they are free to travel to other countries in Europe. Students need to ensure that they have the correct visas to enter the European countries that they are traveling to. It is a student’s responsibility to obtain a visa(s) and adhere to the visa rules and requirements prior to and while traveling in European countries. Students should check visa requirements on the countries’ governmental websites or the Schengen Visa website if they are only traveling to EU countries that belong to the Schengen Area.

Transition to Boston

Upon successful completion of the London Scholars Program, you and your peers will enroll at Northeastern’s Boston campus to continue your studies in your second year. You will be invited to attend orientation and receive ongoing support as you transition into academic and social life in Boston. Your experiences with the London Scholars Program will allow you to apply a unique global perspective in the classroom and beyond.

We are pleased to be able to offer students who complete the 2023-2024 London Scholars Program the opportunity to apply for university housing during their second year when they arrive in Boston, provided they meet the required application and deposit deadlines. Interested students will have the opportunity to declare their intention to reside in university housing during the Spring ’24 term. This opportunity does not represent a mandatory requirement, as students can still decide to live in off-campus housing in the local area if they choose. Please note that university housing for all students—including students completing the London Scholars Program—can take the form of traditional campus residence halls, leased apartments, or leased hotel spaces in the area around campus. We will provide more information about specific housing options for London Scholars later in the 2023-2024 academic year.

For more information, please refer to the Summer and Fall Transition slides from the accompanying webinar hosted in April 2024.

London Scholars Alumni

Requesting Transcripts

All NU London Scholars participants earn a full semester of academic credits in their fall and spring semesters, provided that they achieve a grade of “D-” or better in the U.S. grading system. Your London Scholars program courses and letter grades will appear on your Northeastern University transcript and will be included in your Northeastern GPA. You can download an unofficial transcript through your Northeastern student portal, and you can request official copies of your transcript from Northeastern’s Registrar.

Keeping in Touch

We know that keeping in touch with family and friends back home can be challenging during your time away. Students have found it helpful to set up a schedule for calling home, as having a set time can make time differences much easier to handle. You and your family might also consider a variety of technologies to keep in touch. For example, the instant messaging service WhatsApp also allows voice and video chat, and the voice-over-IP (VOIP) programs Skype, Zoom, and Facetime use an Internet connection to talk for free. 

Email communications from Northeastern University and the London Scholars Program will be sent to students via their Northeastern email addresses, which are created as soon as you activate your myNortheastern portal. Parents will receive some communications, but students are encouraged to initiate their own inquiries and problem-solve independently.

For safety reasons and for ease of communication, London Scholars students are required to have a working cell phone for use on-location during their time in the London Scholars Program. Phones must be acquired and working (calls, texting, and data required) within a week of arriving on location. You should research the mobile phone options available to you prior to arriving. You typically have a chance to learn more about phone plans and purchase a phone during on-location orientation.  

Contact our Team


If you have questions about your admission decision and the enrollment process, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@northeastern.edu or 617-373-2200.  


You can get in touch with the London Scholars Program team and the Global Experience Office through the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow offers helpful articles related to GEO programs and ensures that your questions are answered thoroughly and efficiently by our team.  

Additional Options

You can also contact us via email at londonscholars@northeastern.edu. Any email to this address will automatically create a “case” in ServiceNow. To reach our office by phone, please call us at 617-373-6447.  

Office Hours

The Global Experience Office is open during regular university hours.

8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. ET

Emergency Contact

If you or a family member has an emergency and needs to get in contact with someone outside of office hours, please contact the NUPD at 617-373-3333.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Access an FAQ document here.